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Nick Taylor-Fick

Trusted Buyer’s Agent

Nick Taylor-Fick is a Buyer’s Agent with over 25 years’ experience as a residential and commercial property valuer and buyer. With his extensive expertise, Nick can help you buy in a complex market with confidence.

Market Knowledge

Passion and experience combined mean Nick’s knowledge of the Sydney market is second to none.

Market Appraisals

Nick helps clients avoid real estate traps and purchase when the price reflects the true value of a property. 


Have someone who has fine tuned the art of negotiation on your side to ensure you don’t pay top dollar.

Why Use a Buyers Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent is a professional who works exclusively on your behalf to search for properties that are tailored to your needs. Nick’s role is to evaluate and compare opportunities in accordance with your brief and to negotiate your purchase at the best possible price and terms. Using an experienced and professional Buyer’s Agent can give you access to off-market opportunities, extensive real estate data and market analysis, save you time, alleviate stress, and best of all it has the potential to save you thousands.

Areas of Expertise

PropertyConnect specialises in sourcing and buying residential and commercial property throughout Sydney, NSW and interstate. Nick regularly helps families, singles, businesses and property investors find value and opportunity in an increasingly complex market.


“Nick was very patient and guided us through the whole process. His analysis of property gave us confidence that we were buying at the right price.

Anthony, Satisfied Client

About Nick

Nick Taylor-Fick is a Gladesville local with over 25 years’ experience in the Sydney property market. Nick loves a chat, which means he’s been able to build strong industry networks across Sydney and beyond. So you can benefit from both what he knows and who he knows.

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No matter what sort of property you’re in the market for, Nick can help you navigate the process with ease. Nick’s clients appreciate his personal approach to property buying, which helps them reach their personal and financial aspirations.

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